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BPCC Pitcher Primrose Aholelei Racks Up The Records

BPCC Pitcher Primrose Aholelei Racks Up The Records

BPCC pitcher Primrose Aholelei you could say had a pretty good year.  Well, that would be a serious understatement.   The Lady Cav pitcher tossed a 28-3 record including nine shutouts.  She also accumulated 344 strikeouts and 191 innings pitched.  She set the BPCC record for single-season wins and single-season strikeouts.   Primrose finished No. 1 in wins in the NJCAA and No. 2 in strikeouts per 7 innings.  

Aholelei in a doubleheader against Paris Junior College set the record for most strikeouts in a single game with 15 in the first game.  The Lady Cavalier pitcher came in relief of a 3-3 tie in the fourth inning after throwing 110 pitches in the first game.  The game stretches to 11 innings.  Aholelei tied the record she had just set in the last game with 15 strikeouts in the 11th innings.  On the third out, she breaks the record with 16 strikeouts.  A record she had just set a few hours before.  

"Honestly I'd say it was expected because my job was to be double relief in the second game and knowing how that game was going," the strikeout queen said.  "I had to be ready. But lasting another 7 innings with a second record left me speechless. I thought my arm would've given out at some point but having the mindset to be mentally tough and playing off the adrenaline, kept me going."

With the phenomenal year, the accolades followed.  Primrose gained the NJCAA D1 pitcher of the year along with being first-team All-American.  She was also the National Fastpitch Coach's Association pitcher of the year and first-team All-American.  She was also the NFCA first-team All-Midwest Region.  Add to the shelf the Region XIV Pitcher of the Year along with East Conference pitcher of the year.  Primrose got the notice of the Lousiana media also by receiving the Louisiana Sports Writer Association pitcher of the year along with the first team on the All Louisiana Collegiate Softball team.   This is the first time that a junior college player has received either honor.  

"I was definitely in the zone last season," Aholelei said.  "Living off the saying to expect the unexpected with everything going on in the world and possible injuries, I had to take advantage of any practice and playing time I got. So that eventually helped me in the end. Though, having a season like that made me feel prideful and optimistic and that has made me realize it is just the beginning of my softball career."

Primrose Aholelei and her sister Precious attended Kaiser High School in Honolulu, Hawaii, and brought their talents to Bossier Parish Community College in Bossier City.  

"Well coming from Hawaii to Louisiana, I was afraid at first traveling so many miles away from home but it has been an exciting and great experience coming here," Aholelei said. "Very different but the people I surrounded myself with made Louisiana feel at home."  They were two of four softball talents that come from the Aloha State.   

The Aholelei sisters will be heading to the Southland conference next season to play with Texas A & M – Corpus Christi and begin there in the fall.  

"I feel excited knowing that I still get to play with my twin sister at TAMUCC because it's been a dream to play college ball together and knowing that I will play my whole life with her is amazing," the BPCC pitcher said.  "I can't imagine playing without her, so I'm grateful that TAMUCC is taking a chance on us."

Article by Shawn C. White, Under the Radar - NW Louisiana